Friday, June 06, 2008

Life after Music Week

It's been a while but finally, after a very slow and long fade out I have left the building. Sort of sad but, to be honest, life had changed for the worse as the circulation continued to spiral down, previous publishers had wasted huge amounts of money on an almost internet bubble type pursuit of an illusory data revenue stream (I mean who really wants to pay £500 a year on finding out who does Amy's press?) and the years of atrophy had taken their toll. There are still some great people there, who love music and believe in the industry, but as always it is a bit lions and donkeys.

Now I'm here, and there as well, and plan on moving this forward as a place for slightly old farts to come for advice on what's good and what's crap. Believe me there is a lot of good music still being made out there but to read some of the "youth" mags you'd think that bands only had one good album in them - in The Twang's case not even the one (hey James, I thought they were the future of rock music!). So come back and check me out on a regular basis.


Dimebag said...

I agree! There a lots of great musicians here in this universe. But: we're surrounded by too many idiots!


Son of the Suburbs said...

Damn right! And hey, thanks for dropping in.