Monday, June 16, 2008

Cage The Elephant???

So I was round at HQ end of last week and the main guy, Dave Knight, was in the process of putting up the new video by Cage The Elephant. Naturally I was interested as there's been words on the wire about this band with various people banging on about their hotness and general fabulousness. So I was pretty disappointed when I discovered that they were basically the new Gomez.

What I mainly got from them was a band who, as usual, wanted to be The Stones but were coming at it via Black Crowes or a band like that. So in effect they are copying a copy-cat band, in that sort of phoney rock 'n roll fashion.

I know, I know. Lots of people liked Gomez and they won the Mercury Prize blah blah blah but come on. They were one of those bands that people like my brother in law, who let punk pass him by as he was on the road with Mike Oldfield, would deem "real music". Oh come on. A bunch of white college boys trying to be all delta does not make it real. If I come across a bit like Steve Buscemi in Ghost World well so be it. I'm sure they're a great night out but it's all a bit too contrived for me. Mind you I like the Ami Barwell pics on their myspace.

Anyway file under whatever.


Anonymous said...

I mean, really....Do they HAVE to be trying to come across like somebody?? Can't you just enjoy the music for what it is-Some good time rock and roll and a kick ass live show!! wtf God, we break everything down way too fuckin much Just enjoy

Anonymous said...

wtf does white college boys have to do with it. what if they were chinese guys tryin' to be all delta? does it really matter.... Oh, you live in England,,, so you probably really don't know squat about the REAL Delta anyway. Do you really, I mean REALLY, think that these guys got together one day and said "let's start this band, and we need to sound like the BC or a band like that because we want to be phony rock n rollers"? Can't they just be CTE? toooo much english fog.

Anonymous said...

this band is great. people that are wraped up in a certain "scene"( we won't mention what scene it is, but i think everyone knows) can't seem to wrap thier small mind around it. oh well evryone gave a band called led zepplin shit when they first came out to.