Sunday, December 04, 2005


I guess sometimes I get a little negative. My daughter has accused me of ranting and sounding "very angry" all the time. Well I guess I am sometimes. One way or another I've been kicking around the music industry for almost thirty years and in all that time I've seen so little change in favour of the people who actually make the music.

It so often seems that those people who do make it big pull the ladder up behind them; neither arguing for a better universal deal or attempting to make any changes to the practices of the major labels. On top f that I have to agree with Alan McGee about the current crop of stars, particularly the king of the bedwetters Chris Martin. I mean how ineffectual is that simpering twat with his "I want everyone to be nice" attitude. I heard him on the radio the other morning whining on about how punk was always so angry and confrontational and never achieved anything so he was being all understanding and compromising and, guess what..........he's achieved squat. Yeah, that's right, him and that big self-aggrandising idiot Geldof have done absolutely nothing for the world's poor after Live8 except make several more million people see them on TV.

More power to Albarn and Chao.

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steve said...

Some of Coldplay's stuff is pretty damn good actually but they (or at least Chris) can get a little annoying. I mean, punk was all about being angry at the man(though I question the sincerity of much of today's so-called punk bands). I think Coldplay are U2 wannabes in many respects but simply don't have the natural talent, charisma, character, and most of all experience(s) U2 has had. Things get bland when you try and please everybody, and that seems to be the case with the latest stuff from Coldplay.