Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Price of Fame

So Snowpatrol have sold over a million albums. Bully for them and their sound just like Coldplay approach to music. Still, whatever I might think about their music it doesn't alter the fact that the poor bastards have suffered for their art at the hands of Universal, the major that owns them. You might think that a band that sells a million might have a few quid in the bank. I mean, after all that represents around £10 mill to the label right? So how come the Snowies still owe Universal in excess of a million.

Come on musos out there. It's time to wise up and stay with the small labels, even better do it yourself. I don't just mean myspace but you know there has to be other people out there who would be prepared to get involved in a csual way, PR companies, distribution companies or awal.com - if you don't make the effort for yourselves then don't be surprised if you end up back at the fast food joint serving fries with everything.

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