Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Political ranting.

Thanks to Steve Bell - please don't sue me!
OK, so I am a political person, I am left wing and I think a society is best served through taxation and funding; so that's my manifesto out of the way up front so if you have a problem with that I suggest you stop reading now and go back to exploiting the poor and sick or whatever it is that right wing folk do in their spare time.

What I am finding so stunning about the current government is the speed with which they are ditching all their promises and pledges made prior to the election last May. Now I know that every political party betrays its promises at some stage but we usually get at least a year before they go snake eyed and shifty but this shower really take the biscuit. I mean we all knew there were economic problems; however you wish to colour it the bankers drove our country over a cliff and then asked us to pay them for the pleasure. Now the Tories amongst you will splutter in that fat-lipped dribbly way that they do and go "ah yes but Labour spent all the money so had nothing in reserve to pay us, er I mean the financial system, when it all went tits up" and I would say HAH, you are an arse!

When Labour came into power in 1997 we really were a third world country. The 18 years of Tory misrule had left our infrastructure ruined, our hospitals broken and our state education system derelict. All the money that had been earned from North Sea Oil had been spent on tax cuts that favoured the rich, our heavy industries had been destroyed along with the rich communities they had supported and we had become a nation that knew the price of everything and the value of nothing. Then came Blair.

Blair broke promises. He also illegally invaded another country. Gordon Brown was derided by the suave Blair but he, more than any other man, actually made a difference in the face of the financial tsunami that swept the West's economic system. He threw money at it; he kept people in jobs, in their houses and hopeful and we voted him out of office. Now we have The Coalition.

Like an 80s comedy double act (The Management) Cleggy and Cammy promised everything we wanted. Hell the LibDems went so far as to sign pledges that they wouldn't raise tuition fees, the Tories swore that they wouldn't axe Child Benefit or any other universal benefits and, hey, here we are less than six months after the election and these boys are bailing. Bastards.

They cheerfully sell the lie about university fees as something that makes a real difference to people's earnings citing that on average a graduate earns £100k more over their working life than a non-graduate. Hmmmm, so that works out at roughly two and a half grand a year more; but wait, if you have debts of £30k (like my daughter will have) then that reduces the figure somewhat and my son may well end up with debts of fifty or sixty grand, which seems a pretty shitty return; particularly if you add interest to this. Now if you are an average earner, like most of the population, your kids will be means tested for the loans! These are loans for fuck's sake. If you get a median salary then the chances are your kids get a reduced loan. If you are pleasantly rich this doesn't matter and if you are poor it doesn't matter but if, like the majority of us, you are neither hot nor cold Cable will spew you forth.

Now all of us middle class people don't read The Daily Mail and we don't vote Tory. Loads voted LibDem. Well that worked out for you didn't it you stupid muesli swilling morons in your open toed sandals and inane bad dancing at your suburban parties.

Now don't ever tell me that voting never changes anything because right now you're about to get your arses reamed by Toryboys with LibDem strap-ons.


Anonymous said...

In 2010 when the Coalition came to power we really were a second-tier nation stripped of its global influence, disastrously reliant for growth on an obese and self-defeating public sector, hospitals contaminated with every superbug under the sun, and our state education system full of knife wielding maniacs who still manage dstraight A grades at GCSE.
All the money saved prudently in gold reserves had been sold off at knock-down prices, our industries had been stifled by an excessive system of tax and public spending and we had become a nation which knew the price of nothing and the value of even less.
You can't expect a Government, less than a year in office, to perform miricles can you? But then, there is nothing like a lack of balance to distort the truth is there?

Son of the Suburbs said...

Ah, good old Anonymous - whoever you are. Nothing like a complete ignorance of history or the world we live in. I take it you work for the Tory party or regularly read the Mail.
Our industries were destroyed in the Thatcher years, the groundwork for the social dislocation put in place by the ideologically driven desire to punish the unions which in turn laid waste to communities across the country. Our country has been in decline ever since, over reliant on a finance sector that feels no kinship to the country it exploits and the people who benefit from it see no value in paying taxes and contributing to society.
Our schools are not filled with thugs, you were probably schooled privately or in some leafy suburb so remain ignorant of the reality on the ground. In terms of excessive taxation - you are a fool and a charlatan.
You represent the very worst of this country; greedy, prejudiced and stupid. Now do me a favour and fuck off OK.

Bob Byrne said...

Hi Nick, just read your stories in the Bastards anthology and I loved them. I've been a Members fan since I was a kid so it went down a treat, more please.