Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's been a while.

I meant to post this before or after the Brits but I was a bit preoccupied watching paint dry. Did we all watch it and cheer the posh twat Blunt collect awards for his dreadful weedy warbling? Just a brief appearance by Prince puts everything into context. Here was real style and genius and sheer sex. One thing that really puzzles me is why do they always get the Urban award so spectacularly wrong? Last year it was Joss Stone, this year it's Lemar. Lemar is about as urban as James Blunt and once again the British music industry show just how white orientated and out of touch they really are when they overlook Kano or Sway. It would be funny if it wasn't so depressing.

On a better note there's loads of great music around, like Les Incompetents and Roland Shanks. The only problem being is that most of the sad hacks who write about them have a puddle deep knowledge of musical history. It's always Talking Heads - have they never checked out ATV, Wire, early XTC or even the fabulous Orange Juice. Now please you wet panted morons fuck off and learn something about where the current crop comes from before you start wittering on about stuff you have no idea about. And as for the Music Week blog - don't make me laugh you bunch of major label arse kissers.

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